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How to Write Readable, Engaging Ebay SEO Content

March 29, 2017 • omweb

With so many options in Ebay, be the one that stands out to your target market.  Boosting your search engine ranking is always the first step.  You have got to get your page on their screen for them to click on it and see what you have to offer.  The second step is engaging them once they get there.  You cannot do this with keywords and search terms alone.  SEO on Ebay is just the first step.  Showing your credibility and the quality of your product is essential.

Content First, Keywords Second

Ernst Hemmingway said, “Write drunk, edit sober.”  In a sense, this is how you should write your Ebay SEO content.  That’s not to say break out the bottle, but getting out the original content before going through and making it technical is key to engaging your audience, and in turn, increasing your conversion ratio.  All the keywords in the world will not convince your target audience to buy your product if your content is shoddy once they get there.  Especially when purchasing products Ebay, customers want to know that there’s a human being on the other end of the exchange, and that they’re supporting a SOMEONE, not a SOMETHING.

The REAL first step is getting to know your target audience, and getting to know what keywords and search terms they are looking for.  Compile a list of keywords and terms and have them on hand.  Prioritize them for each page, blog, or post, and have them on hand throughout the process.  Think about SEO on Ebay when working on your Ebay pages, and also when designing your business’s website.  Learning how to do SEO on Ebay requires taking a broader view of your business.

Step Two: Forget About Your Keywords

 When you write content, forget about your list of search terms.  Now that they’re written down and ranked, you can set them aside and work on your content.  Writing engaging content means meeting your potential customers where they are at and telling them about what you have to offer them that can help them NOW.  Remember, the key to a high conversion ratio is to have as few decisions as possible between your customer’s initial engagement with your page, and the decision to purchase your products or services.

Write the content, describe who you are, what your business has to offer, and the various options
available.  In the structure of the pages of your website, be sure to have an option to get to your Ebay site with just one click.  Anchor text is essential for Ebay SEO because it both boosts your site ranking through use of keywords, and offers visitors a portal directly to your Ebay.

Offer good advice, good information, and useful insight.  Be sure to promise true things and to accurately represent your business and your products or services.  All of the keywords in the world won’t help if your reviews are bad.  Never sacrifice quality for search engine rankings when it comes to content or quality upon delivery.

Step Three: Add in Your Keywords and Search Terms for Ebay SEO

 Remember that list of search terms and keywords?  Now that you’ve got your content, bust that list back out and add in these keywords and search terms, particularly in your titles, subtitles, sub-headers, and first sentences of pages and paragraphs.

You will likely find that you’ve already included many of these keywords and phrases.  This next step is about fleshing them out and putting them in the right places to make the most of your SEO on Ebay and on your website.

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